Skep & Bole

Stinging insects and children might seem like a recipe for upset and anyone that is prone to anaphylactic shock or allergies would do well to avoid unprotected contact with a colony of honey bees. However, where an apiary has been thoughtfully sited and when clothed appropriately, there is nothing more fascinating than observing and working with bees.

Most bee colonies are kept with the purpose of assisting pollination and harvesting honey but recently there has been a trend towards keeping bees simply to aid halting the decline in numbers and providing a non-exploitative environment in which they can prosper.

Small Earth's Skep & Bole provides just such a space. Built as a single housing or in multiples set in a wall, the bole provides sheltered accommodation for a traditional straw skep as used by beekeepers for centuries past.

Becoming ever popular, there may already be experienced beekeepers amongst your staff or parents that can help with management and training. In the absence of such support Small Earth can provide regular training visits until confidence is built up.

Each Skep & Bole comes complete with straw skep containing a nucleus of honey bees, 2 adult and 5 children's suits of protective clothing, a smoker and skep hive tools.

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