Pegasus Children's Project

Pegasus Children's Project

Pegasus Children's ProjectSince 2001 the Pegasus Children's Project has helped an increasing number of disadvantaged Nepalese children, providing healthcare, clothing, food and education.

In 2006, the charity employed Small Earth to construct earthquake-proof housing for over 90 children and now, in the Spring of 2015, we have returned to Nepal to assess the buildings' condition and see how they have weathered 9 years of Himalayan monsoons and earth tremors.

Although there are some minor problems, the overall condition is really good with no structural movement and little sign of deterioration. However, over the years, the charity has prioritized funding for the children rather than the buildings and there are now several issues, common to all the domes, that need to be addressed.

And so, in conjunction with the Pegasus Childrens' Project, Small Earth have launched a Repairs & Maintenance Fund through which we will be actively supporting the charity to bring all of the buildings into excellent condition.

All the money raised through the fund will go towards the continued repairs and maintenance of domes and supporting infrastructure, employing local Nepalese tradesmen and providing shelter for some of Kathmandu's luckiest street children.

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Pegasus Children's Project

Pegasus Children's Project

Pegasus Children's Project

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